Kick Ass on Pinterest

How To Kick Ass on Pinterest

If your business isn’t on Pinterest yet, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to connect with a myriad of potential clients. Pinterest is one of the easiest to implement tools for creative entrepreneurs to use to build their tribe. Below are some tips to help you get up and running and kicking ass on Pinterest, pronto.

  1. Choose a name that is easily identifiable and link your account to your website as well as Twitter and/or Facebook. This helps other pinners find you on other networks. One thing you do not want to do, however, is repost your pins to your Facebook/Twitter feed. If folks want to follow you on Pinterest, they will.
  2. Choose a profile photo that is easily recognizable. This helps other Pinterest users get used to seeing your face (or logo) in their feed.
  3. Install the Pin It button on your browser and use it frequently! In other words, don’t just repin – it’s important to post original content to keep Pinterest fresh.
  4. Link to your Pinterest profile from your website/blog, just like you would your other social networks.
  5. If you are pinning from a blog, pin from the actual blog post and not the main blog page. This allows users to easily find the original source days, months or even years after it was originally pinned.
  6. Clicking through all pins to check their source before repinning. If it leads to a spam page, don’t repin it. Instead, try to find the original source and pin from there directly, giving credit where credit is due.
  7. Describe the content of your pin in just a few words or a small sentence. Pinning a product? Include the price! Hashtags are great, too. Don’t write the entire blog post you are pinning in the description, though. People should click through the pin to get the full story.
  8. Don’t just promote your own products or posts. No one is going to follow you or repin your content if it’s all self promotion. Show off your personality and pin from other sites that interest you or that you think would interest your demographic.
  9. Pin across a wide range of boards- show your depth;  the personality behind your brand/blog!
  10. Assign your boards to a Pinterest category and give them an eye catching cover.
  11. Space out your pins – you don’t want to inundate your follower’s feeds with your pins. That will likely result in an unfollow.
  12. Tag (@) other users where appropriate. This keeps the conversation going and encourages commenting.
  13. Collaborate with other users by creating a group board.
  14. Like someone’s content regularly? Follow their boards! It’ll help you find new pins and often times the follow is reciprocated.
  15. Set aside some Pinterest time and get pinning!

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